I can still remember it was this day, i was 6 then, 25 years ago when my father came home from hospital telling me happily , “it’s a baby boy dodong, your younger brother”. I was so happy finally i have my own brother who would play & make fun with me.

His name is Christian Lee (Lee is from my mom’s idol, Bruce Lee). We grew up with lots of differences, he’s white and im moreno, he is tall and im regular, he has lots of friends and me i got little, he got lots of PR and me opposite, he is good in talking and I prefer writing, he is joker and i am serious type.. . With these differences ,cause us often to argue in everything we do. But at the end of the day it’s nothing cause after all we’re brothers…He’s like that and i’m like this but when we needed each other ,we are there for one another..

Today, he is celebrating his 25th healthy years, coz he loves to eat and me not so and he is a bit “healthy boy”-but i’m not…so since it’s his birthday, food is a big issue ..so this album talks a lot about this day the 23rd of July 2011 at Camaya-an Beach.