The 7th Birthday Celebration of Ylleah Jjean Fabores Rosado started with a program  at 2:00 in the afternoon of June 4, 2011 at Social Hall, Bayawan City.

First, was the entrance of the 7 little princesses, they were Angel Rhianna Tangiun, Abighail Tejero, Crixyla Haiazeth Antiola, Kay Jamille Fuentes, Kyrsten Faye Tenefrancia, Michelle Villamil (late to come, proxy was Stephanie Cadapan), and Sheila Mariz Amparado.  Then, the entrance of the parents of the celebrant, Mr.Josecho III & Mrs. Jean Rosado. 

Then finally, the Grand Entrance of the celebrant herself, Ylleah in her red and white long gown.

Picture taking followed on stage. Then, the celebrant presented her song number to the guests, entitled "My Heart will Go On".

Mrs. Sharon Sazon Saguban , a Nursery Teacher of Ylleah SY 2008-2009 and her most favorite teacher, gave her a very nice message.  She talked about the 7 wonders of the world and 7 wonders of Ylleah.  At the end of the message she hugged and greet Ylleah saying "I Love you very much".


A Mutya Video Presentation followed.  It was the version of Ylleah.  The video shoot was  on May 28, 2011 at Litid, Manalungon, Sta. Catalina, Neg. Or.  With the song accompaniment  "Sana" sung by Bethyl Jane Cadapan on stage.

Ylleah dreamed of being a mermaid, it's obvious why the concept was Little Mermaid / Mutya. She used to asked her parents about the mermaid's tail.  She often used the blanket to wrapped her legs and pretended she was mutya.  So , why not gave what she dreamed of on her 7th Birthday? The parents decided to have that mermaid's tail as their present to her 7th birthday.  It was given a week before , so that she could try it in an open sea and make a video presentation that will be shown on that big day, June 4, 2011.  Ylleah was so happy to try the mermaid's tail, she enjoyed swimming so much and the video shoot ended so awesome.  All the guests were amused & the children  enjoyed watching the video presentation thru LCD...they shouted, " Ylleah - Mutya!"

( copy paste the link to watch the Mutya Trailer of Ylleah)

Children participated and enjoyed themselves during the Statue dance contest.  The winner was Stephanie Cadapan.. 

The Prayer before Meals was led by Bro Renante Arquio. Then, all the children and guests offered the birthday song to the celebrant before she blown her cake's candle.


Each guests got their own slice of the yummy birthday cake, indeed it was more than enough for all the guests.

In the middle of our meals , Ylleah and her company presented their dance number .  Ylleah enjoyed their dance moves. It was a "waka-waka dance" 


 Then  the EMCEE, randomly selected 7 little boys to offer  7 Flowers to the Celebrant on stage...


Guests and children also gave their gifts to the celebrant . The biggest gift was from Tita Sweet and Tito Yanyan and it was a cute dachshund puppy. Ylleah was so happy and surprised , she immediately hugged the puppy .  So funny there's a name tag saying "my name is patrick".So the puppy's name is patrick,wow it's really cute. The smallest gift was from Tita Darling Delos Reyes ,a very cute  bracelet, well the size doesn't matter, it's pure silver .


Birthday bags and balloons were also given to children while the tokens were given to guests. 




The EMCEE , Sexy Juhlay of Magic FM together with her son Baby Jjian enjoyed the program and so with all the guests and she was able to thank everyone for coming in behalf of the celebrant's parents.

The celebration was indeed very successful with the help of our friends, family and relatives.  It ended at around 6:00 PM.


 The Almighty One for the Wonderful Years, Lola Meding, Divinagracia family, Lola Cita Dicdican, Ren-ren and Malou, Donnah, Papa Erning, Yo Arthuro, Yo Simo, Nanay Edna, Te Susan,Mommy Jo,Manang Chona and Manong Boy, Tita Letty, Bobet, Beduck, Kian-kian, Mama and Papi, Mama Valen, Tito Yanyan and Tita Sweet, Romnick, Anna, Tita Ditto, Tita Ricka and company and to all who helped us in making this celebration a very successful one and to all the guests who made it in attending the party.."thank you very much!"


Dodong, Gaga and Ylleah



copy paste the link below for the slideshow of the photos during the event.