November 26, 2011 when we need to hire a "pedicab" heading to Mantapi for the wake of Lolo Tony Gaudiel together with my family.The burial is going to be on the next day at 1:00 pm.  


Going to Mantapi, is really not easy, since the road is so rocky and dusty during sunny days and so muddy when raining.  We arrived at Lola Sanet and Lolo Tony's old house at around 2:pm, where  we met our cousins , brothers and sisters of lolo Tony from other places and most espcially his  daughters and sons. We were als o glad to see Mamang Ging2x who just arrived from abroad, his eldest daughter, a nurse by profession.


We gathered together and some of our relatives that we just met .  Hot coffee , cold softdrinks and biscuits were served to each of the family and guest, while others were playing "bingo" ; Tito Eros and some of the guys where in one table with bottles of Liquor but tito refused to try ...well, thats funny;  some elderly relatives  also played Mahjong- a usual scenario or we can say a tradition in every wake here in the Philippines.


It's so sad to say that this is my first time to visit the place of Lolo Tony since I was born.Mama told me that after their marriage with my papa - 32 years ago, they were given a parcel of land beside Lolo Tony and Lola Sanet's house by my greatgrandfather, Felix Gaudiel Sr., the father of my Lola Ester.  So, they were actually neighbors during those days.  And my father did his best to cultivate a land.  They say mama used to dragged the roap of the Carabao and papa held the plow tied on it  just to culvitate the muddy farm for rice plantation.  People- the native ones who lived in Mantapi witnessed the effort of my mama and papa during those days and Lolo Tony with his wife were there for them to guide being a new couple; to teach how to become a great farmer . Tito Ito and Tita Bonita  helped them a lot too. Manang Gingging was a little child during those days ...and my Mama enjoyed watching her climbing the Guava tree, picking its fruits. My parents lived in Mantapi  before I was born and decided in moving to Bayawan town   since I became so sicky in Mantapi.  


My mama then showed me the farm they used to cultivate  and the space where our nipa hut was located before (beside Lolo Tony and Lola Sanet's house).  It's nice to hear those stories.


The family of Lolo Tony is really part of the life of my parents and mine..It's just so sad to say that this is also my first time to see Lolo Tony (since i did not visit Mantapi unlike my brother who always did)'s so sad that he cannot see me anymore so grown-up...that the little baby boy before who lived with them is now already a father.


All I can say, thank you!


Everyone in the wake remembered Lolo Tony during those happy moments, nobody cried since we all knew he is in peace and may be very happy to see us - his relatives! gathered together...