September 24, 2010, 6:00 PM, Annex Building, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental 

It was one unforgettable event when Ylleah Jjean F. Rosado first step on stage for a big competition... a battle for beauty and brain of UCCL-ECLC preschoolers. 

 The UCCP - ECLC (Early Childhood Learning Center) of Bayawan City , for the 1st time in their school history celebrated the 1st  ECLC Big Day on September 24-25, 2010.The activities for this Big Day were:  September 24, 2010 (Search for Little Mr & Ms 2010),September 25, 2010 (Motorcade , Cheering & Lunch ).   

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 The photo  shoot for the poster of the Little Mr & Ms ECLC 2010 was scheduled on September 19, 2010 , 3:00 PM at UCCP Classroom.   

Left slidehow was taken during the preparation of Ylleah for the photo shoot.  Ditto Tagle or "Tita Ditto" as what Ylleah used to call, was her trainor, designer and make-up artist  for this event.  They started at 11:00 AM on September 19, 2010 for the 3:00 PM  photo shoot.


The photo shoot was handled by Jojeans Digital.


8 lovely pairs  for the 2010 Little Mr & Ms ECLC Search during their photo shoot on September 19, 2010 , 3:00 PM at UCCP Classroom.


The pictures in this slideshow are in RAW and have never undergone any editing yet.


Photo editing will only be done for their posters and Souvenir photos.


The photogenic awards were canceled due to one unreasonable complaint of the candidate's parent.






6:00 PM at the Annex Building, LGU compound before the event started, still Tita Ditoo was so busy retouching and coaching Ylleah for the competition.

This was taken during the competition proper.  The event started at exactly 7:00 in the evening with an invocation of the children from nursery and preschool who were not  candidates.  It was followed by the Pambansang awit then an Opening Message of the ECLC Chairperson itself, Mrs. Corazon Cadalso.  The EMCEE was Mrs. Sadiaza.The panel of judges were Mr. Lomonggo, Mr. Ong, Mrs. Fortugaleza and Ms (___). 

The competition were Best in Production Number, Best in Sportswear, Best in Talent, Best in Gown/ Formal Attire, Best in Interview.  They also have Minor Awards and the Major Awards.

We are proud to say that Ylleah got the following awards: Miss Flawless, Best in Sportswear, Best in Interview and was crown as 1st Runner-Up Miss LIttle ECLC 2010.

The activity ended at 11:00 in the evening. 

We went home so happy and gathered together for a celebration with the Calo-oy's. Oachwyn (Ylleah's partner) got 3rd Runner for the Mr. Little ECLC 2010.  Tito Yanyan and Tita Sweet rewarded Ylleah with Cake with candles.  Ylleah requested Oachwyn to blow the candles...all the preparations and efforts  at last  ended so well and worth rewarding for....



Madam Calo-oy and my wife, Jean together with Tita Ditto decorated the float just after the Mr & Ms Little ECLC 2010 Coronation night on 24th of September and was finished at 2:00 AM the 25th day of September 2010.

It was one very busy event.

After the motorcade , the cheering competition per level was  done ...

then a salo-salo was shared during lunch to all children and families .

It was one successful and really unforgettable moment every children will treasure ...