It was i think almost a month when Sweet brought home a very cute white puppy.  She is Wendy.  She is so cute and very friendly. Ylleah was so happy about Wendy and she even wanted to stay at home all the time because of Wendy.

Ylleah even adopted Wendy for two days when Sweet and Yanyan went somewhere .  She was so responsible of when to feed Wendy  ; and Wendy also enjoyed playing with all the stuff toys Ylleah have.

But today, October 21, 2011, Sweet and Yanyan decided to bring Wendy to Amlan (Sweet’s home town) for good since Wendy is already growing up and they cannot take care anymore of her  since they also got another 4 dogs to be taken care of .  And in Amlan they’re sure that Wendy will be also taken care well by Tita (the mother of Sweet).

Ylleah hugged Wendy for the last minutes and even took some pictures saying – “I’m going to miss Wendy”.