On December 22, 2008 at 3:00 in the afternoon, KAPASKI joined the Charter Day Parade of Bayawan City City.  The parade was composed of different schools in the city , NGO's , business establishments and government employees. 

KAPASKI provided floats for their pupils and the Nursery have one too.  On the float were Ylleah, Oshwen and Jamella with their beautiful mothers.




December 13, 2008 during the Children Thanks Giving  Iglesia Ni Cristo Chapel, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental.

Dress was designed by Jean Rosado.


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October 24, 2008, KAPASKI Nursery celebrated the United Nation Month and Children's Day.  There were lot of games made for the children. This was a whole day celebration for the children together with their parents.

These are the awards Ylleah received during that fun day:

1) Best UN Costume 2008

2) Singing Contest Winner (Nursery Category)

3) Math Competition Winner (Nursery Category)











Taken during The Wedding of Chito and Mae at Iglessia Ni Cristo Chapel, Bayawan City.  Ylleah's gown was designed by her mother, Jean. The butterfly wings she worn was made by the wedding planner of the groom and bride, then it was given as token after the wedding.

 September 23, 2008


August 30, 2008 during their KAPASKI Nursery Buwan ng Wika Celebration.   This was cinderella inspired filipina dress designed by the mother herself, Jean and was made my Ylleah's favorite tailor Nanay Palen.  The dress was ready for 2 weeks before the occasion and Ylleah was so ready too for the Singing and Gown Competition  . ..until 2 days to go when she got sick , that bad "fever".  She wasn't well until that big day, but she was begging to join the parade, so we joined . It was 3pm and the hit was intense... in the middle of the parade, She decided to get-off the float begging to go home. 



 Nutri-Kid Search  on July 26, 2008 .  This was her dress during the last part of the competition , the "awarding of winner"

She won as Nutri-Kid 2008 2nd Runner Up 

Nutri-Kid Search  on July 26, 2008 . This was her gown on her doxology

The idea of this black and white stripes dress was the mother herself, Jean just to try something new.  Worn during the 2008 INC Anniversary.

July 26, 2008 @ 10am the wedding of Ruel and Julian at Iglesia Ni Cristo Chapel, Bayawan City, Neg. Or.This was Ylleah's first time to be flower girl .


This was taken during the Nutri-Kid Search  on July 26, 2008 (1pm) in connection with the Nutrition Month Celebration .  Ylleah started the program with her doxology.  The competition went good.  This was  her costume in the Talent Competition where in she was dancing with the hit TV ad "Makulay and Buhay sa Sinabawang Gulay".                 




June 4, 2008 on her 4th Birthday . 

The gown was made by the best tailor, Nanay Palen.